Evaluation of Marsupialization Combined with Long-Term Administration of Antibacterial Agents in Calves with Omphalophlebtis and Secondary Liver Abscess

  • Reiichiro Sato Azabu university
  • Yasunori Shinozuka
  • Ken Onda
  • Hideharu Ochiai
  • Kazutaka Yamada
Keywords: antibacterial agent, calf, liver abscess, marsupialization, omphalophlebitis


Umbilical vein marsupialization was performed on three calves in which ultrasonography examination revealed umbilical vein abscesses and liver abscesses. After surgery, the umbilical vein was washed with a warm physiological saline solution containing a susceptible antibacterial agent, and systemic antimicrobial agent was administered for 14 days. There were no postoperative complications in any of the three heads, and each returned to production.

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