Determination the effect of CSN1S1, CSN3 and AGPAT6 genes and lactation rank on physicochemical properties of goat milk

  • Deniz Dincel Dr.
  • Sena Ardicli
  • Hale Samli
  • Faruk Balci
Keywords: Goat milk, acidity, density, FFA, FPD, urea, CSN1S1, CSN3, AGPAT6


The physiochemical properties of milk are important factors in terms of the process of dairy production, quality, and profitability. However, the knowledge about the effect of genetic factors such as CSN1S1, CSN3, and AGPAT6 genes on these traits is insufficient. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of these genes and lactation rank (LR) on total acidity, citric acid, density (density), free fatty acid (FFA), freezing point degree (FPD) and urea parameters. A total of 50 Saanen goats were genotyped using polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) methods. The statistical analysis was carried out using the least-squares of the GLM procedures. The results indicated that no significant differences were confirmed between the investigated genes with the physicochemical properties of goat milk. However, the effect of the AGPAT6 gene on density and the effect of LR on citric acid composition was found tended to be significant. Moreover, we determined the significant correlations between the physicochemical properties in the present study. These results and novel correlations may be useful for future studies on evaluating the potential impact of AGPAT6 gene on these traits to achieve breeding and commercial goals in the goat production and dairy industry.

Keywords: Goat milk, acidity, density, FFA, FPD, urea, CSN1S1, CSN3, AGPAT6

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