Impaction of the oesophagus in bovine and its surgical management in field condition- A report of 4 cases

  • Shivaraju Shivaramu IVRI
  • Darshan Kumar Gowada Thippeswamy
  • Shivakumar Malavalli Umapathi
  • Divya Mohan
  • Kalaiselvan Elangovan
  • Swapan Kumar Maiti
  • Aswathy Gopinathan
Keywords: Foreign body, choke, oesophagotomy, wound dehiscence.


The main aim of this article was to discuss about the clinical signs and diagnosis of oesophageal obstruction in field conditions. In this case report it was observed animals exhibited clinical signs like protrusion of the tounge, ptyalism,free gas bloat,drooling of the saliva, distension of the paralumbar fossa. Diagnosis was mainly based on the history and clinical signs. After ruling out rabies attemepts were made to remove the obstruction by gentle massage and using probing, but it failed. Surgical intervention was done using sedation or local anaesthesia. Oesophagotomy was done to relieve the obstruction. The oesophagus was sutured in two layers followed by muscle and skin. Wound dehiscence was the only complication noted. All animals made uneventful recovery.