Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae as dead yeast culture on feed supplement in fattening cattle on growth, intake parameters and nutrient digestibility

  • Omar Maamouri National Institut of Agronomic Research of Tunisia
Keywords: Bulls, acidogenic diet, yeast, productivity, rumen


This study was carried out to study the interest of the incorporation of a dead yeast culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the concentrate and to see its effect on the growth, the ingestion and the digestibility in vitro of the cattle of fattening. The trial involved a fattening farm containing 20 fattening cattle divided into two homogeneous groups based on initial body weight of 396.4 ± 69.7 kg and 404.6 ± 97.8 kg (Pr. > F) respectively for the control group (C) and the experimental group (Y). The ration used is wheat straw and concentrate. This same ration was distributed for the group Y plus a quantity of 10 g / head / day powder in the concentrate yeast culture. Amount of feed distributed was 3 kg DM wheat straw and 8 kg DM concentrate. This trial lasted 112 days (including adaptation period). The weights are calculated every two weeks with a cattle scale. The refused
amounts of wheat straw are also weighed at each control. A significant (P <0.01) increase in the mean total daily gain (ADGT) during the trial was noted 450 g / head. And a significant (P <0.01) increase in the final weight gain (FWG) of 51.6 kg / head for the “yeast” group compared to the “control” group. Feed Intake does not differ with yeast intake. Voluntary feed intake increased for group (Y) at third control. For food conversion, it was similar for group Y and group C with 2.6 ± 0.003, P <0.05, respectively.

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