Rinotracheite Infettiva del Bovino: disciplina sostanziale e prospettive future

  • Luigi Garofalo Università di Camerino
  • Vincenzo Cuteri +390737404007
Keywords: Rinotracheite Infettiva del Bovino; Regolamento EU 429/2016; Eradicazione


The paper examines the various national and community legislative provisions regarding Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis also considering the new European regulation 429/2016 on animal health which entered into force last April 2021.
It is intended to highlight the disparity that has arisen in the various Member States and within the Italian state between the various regions regarding an infection that initially has not been included in the list of notifiable diseases, creating a real discrimination between the different breeders operating in the cattle farms.
The presence of numerous regional eradication plans, in some cases mandatory and in others voluntary, creates considerable confusion especially in the movement and sale of animals with repercussions both from an economic and health point of view.
The Commission delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/1629 of 25 July 2018 modified the list of diseases included in Annex II of regulation 2016/429, also including the Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis, thus making the interventions to be implemented in the European context more uniform. This has made it possible to have more homogeneous criteria in Europe which will make it possible to adopt common plans for the eradication of various infectious diseases.

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Luigi Garofalo, Università di Camerino

Scuola di Bioscienze e Medicina Veterinaria 

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