Characteristics of by-product and animal waste: A Review

  • Muhammad Irfan Said Faculty of Animal Science, Hasanuddin University
Keywords: By-product, animal waste, livestock industry


Animal waste is one of the waste products from the livestock industry's production process. The waste can be either solid, liquid or gas. Solid waste is all solid waste such as livestock, animal carcasses or the remainder of the slaughter process at slaughterhouses. Liquid waste is waste in the form of liquid that comes from the urine of animal as well as remnants from the washing process of cages and animal itself. Gas waste is all the results of a gas phase discharge. The animal waste has a great influence on humans and the environment, but also has very important benefits. Animal waste can used as a source of nutrition for plants, energy sources in the form of methane gas, alternative animal feed sources and growing media for earthworms. The Animal waste that not processed optimally can be cause environmental pollution.