Effect of fermented concentrated potato protein on milk yield and fertility parameters in dairy cows in the prepartum and postpartum periods

  • ERAY AKTUĞ Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases, Tekirdag Namık Kemal University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Keywords: Cow, fermented concentrated potato protein, fertility parameters, indole acetic acid, molecular docking.


This study aims to determine the effects of fermented concentrated potato protein (FCPP) which showed very high levels of indole acetic acid (IAA) on milk yield, fertility, and level of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) parameters in pregnant dairy cows and pregnant heifers.
In total, sixty Holstein cattle were enrolled in the study. The animals were divided into three groups, as control group (n=20), 25 g FCPP group (n=20), and 50 g FCPP group (n=20). Besides, these main groups were also divided into two sub-groups, as primiparous (n=10) and multiparous cows (n=10). Oral administration of FCPP started two weeks (14±4 days) before expected parturition and continued until postpartum day 100. The affinity of IAA found in FCPP pellets to 5HT1 and JAK2 receptors, which is thought to be related to IGF-1 release, was determined by the molecular docking method that receptor affinities were found as -5.8637 kcal/mol and -4.3857 kcal/mol, respectively.
Blood IGF-1 profile was followed at 7 different time points throughout the study. It was detected that the IGF-1 concentrations have significant difference in terms of both time and groups (P<0.05). Furthermore, there was a significant difference in interaction of time and parity (P<0.05).
The results showed that average and total 100-day milk yield was not affected by FCCP supplementation (P>0.05). FCPP supplementation generally has improved the mathematical data of fertility parameters, but no statistical significance was detected except for calving-conception interval. It was found that calving-conception interval reduce by 16.8% in primiparous cows supplemented with 25 g FCPP. The pregnancy rates in control, 25 g and 50 g FCPP were found as 72.2 %, 78.9 % and 88.9 %, respectively (P>0.05).
This study has concluded that fermented concentrated potato protein (which has indole acetic acid-indole compounds) may improve the productivity of dairy cows supplemented in transition period and it has suggested that further research must be done for its usage and beneficial effects in dairy cows.

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