The Effect of Iodine Drenching During Late Pregnancy on Thyroid Hormones and Biochemical Parameters of Black Goats and Their Kids Performance

The influence of Iodine on hormonal and biochemical parameters of goats

  • Hawar Mikahil Hassan Zebari HMZ
  • Harbi Salih
Keywords: Iodine drenching; Late pregnancy; Black goats; Milk; Biochemical


The objective of the current experiment was to evaluate the influence of Iodine drenching during late pregnancy on thyroid hormones and biochemical parameters in Black goats and their kids performance. Pregnant black goats (n=24) were used in this study. Goats were drenched with potassium iodide (KI) based on 76% of Iodine with 0 mg KI/day (control; C), 0.50 mg KI/day (treatment one; T1) as low iodine group and 1.00 mg KI/day (treatment two; T2) as high iodine group. Blood was collected weekly from goats at week six before parturition and to parturition and 1st week of age from kids. Serum was separated from blood samples and analyzed for serum content of iodine, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine
(T4) and biochemical parameters of goats and their kids. The concentration of TSH was higher (p<0.019) in C group. Both T3 and T4 concentration were higher (p<0.001) in T1 and T2. There was no effect of KI drenching on TSH, T3 and T4 in kids. Total protein and glucose were significantly higher in T2 group compared with C group, while triglyceride was significantly more in C group compared with T1 and T2 groups. Higher level of glucose was recorded in T2 group, while higher level of cholesterol was recorded in C group of kids compared with other groups. Kids body weight were higher (P<0.001) in T2 groups compared with T1 and groups C. In conclusion, in response to KI drenching TSH level declined in T1 and T2, while remained higher in C group of late pregnant goats. Iodine drenching can improve total protein and glucose and also regulate T3 and T4 in the
goat. Iodine drenching of pregnant goat can also increase new born kids body weight.

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