Solitary pinnal fibrosarcoma in a mixed-breed goat: morphological and histopathological observations

  • Shajahan Amitha Banu
  • Khan Sharun ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute
  • Merlin Mamachan
  • Athira Subash
  • Rohit Kumar
  • Swapan Kumar Maiti
  • Abhijit Motiram Pawde
  • - Amarpal
Keywords: Fibrosarcoma, Ear pinna, Malignant tumour, Surgical management, Caprine, Histopathology, Fibroblast


This case report describes the diagnosis and surgical correction of a solitary pinnal fibrosarcoma in a four-year-old goat. The goat was presented with a progressively growing mass on the pinna, initially suspected to be a benign tumour. Physical examination revealed a firm, ovoid mass measuring approximately 5 cm in diameter on the dorsal aspect of the right pinna. However, histopathological examination confirmed the tumourous mass as fibrosarcoma. Surgical excision was done to remove the tumour, and the goat showed satisfactory postoperative recovery without any recurrence. The H&E stained sections showed high cellularity, infiltrative growth, and spindle-shaped cell arrangement with a herringbone pattern. The tumour cells display elongated nuclei, scant cytoplasm, and a high mitotic rate. There was extensive collagen fibre production, with varying degrees of cytological atypia. Masson's trichrome staining highlighted dense bundles of collagen fibers in deep blue colour, whose nuclei showed shades of purple, with mitotic figures indicating active cell division. This case emphasises the importance of thorough diagnostic evaluation and timely surgical intervention to manage cutaneous neoplasms in goats. Due to its rarity and potentially devastating consequences, it is crucial to document and analyse cases of pinnal fibrosarcoma in goats to enhance our understanding of this disease and explore effective treatment strategies.